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About server

Server IP: ,(Port:25444)
Basic server information:

  • Type: survival
  • Bullet drop
  • Fall damage
  • Breaking legs
  • Bleeding
  • First person only, except vehicles (third person)
  • Horde beacons – blacklisted (you can craft, but it will disappear)
  • Safezone radiators – blacklisted (you can craft, but it will disappear)
  • Item durability – disabled.
  • Zombies can’t be stunned
  • Zombies damage increased
  • No tpa
  • /home – 90 seconds
  • Starter kit (knife, some food, bow – every 5h)
  • Airdrops from ~2 to 6h (basic vanilla items, vehicle, military)
  • Clothes cosmetics – disabled
  • Gun cosmetics – enabled.
  • Max player team size – 4
  • Gold characters limitation – 1

Items and spawns:

Server includes modded items like: guns, clothes, armors, building assets, vehicles, supplies, resources, supplies, animals.

Low/mid tier loot (vanilla and modded) spawns all over the map. Mid/high tier loot more likely to spawn at deadzonez. (lost valley, bunker). Top tier loot like awm sniper rifle, best helmets, vests etc – only on “Military airdrops”.
There are 3 types of airdrops: basic items (low tier guns, ammo, medicine etc), military (top tier items), vehicle (vehicle airdrops, including modded ones). Airdrops are every 2-5h. Type – random.

Custom blueprints: there are lots of custom items to craft on server, so don’t forget to check crafting tables to find out more.

Weapons/armors/clothes/structures stats – right click on item in your inventory to see basic information. For vanilla item stats , check on google. Modded weapons/armors/structures etc – have better overall stats.

NO ABUSE, most of server claim that there is no abuse, but from my own experience most of them are lying, abusing admins, mods with /god /vanish etc… I am one and only person running this server, there are no mods, admins etc, i dont play on my own server. If i see someone saying word abuse on my server – ban, as it would be pure flame. If you think im lying – gtfo 😉


  • Kits – type /kits to see kits available.
  • Vault- virtual locker. Type /vault to store items in vault. (Default size: 5×3, vip: 5×6
  • Shop. Some basic items, low tier guns, armors on shop. See full list on shop section. You can get balance for play time, sell special coins to shop (can drop from zombies – upcoming). Or donate.
  • Home – type /home to teleport to your bed. (90 seconds, vip 45 seconds)
  • Vote rewards – type /votea or /voteb . After that a new window will pop up, open it, login with your steam profile, click vote, go back to game and type /reward.
  • Raid alerts – (vip) , type (in game): !link (your discord profile name). Example: !link Justosius#4651 . Make sure you enabled option, so everyone can send you messages. If you did everything right, discord bot will send you a message, type (on discord): yes. Your profile should be linked, and now after someone will raid your base, you will get private messages on discord about it. Example of message you get: Your base near Nolanovo on LTU-[WarZone-Z] Modded survival (Coming Soon) is being raided by jbl!!! Pine Floor has been lost…
  • Other plugins – server side, to track some stats and basic info, for preventing glitching, hacking.

Map – Modded Carpat

Server status:

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