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Best of a kind PVP/Survival server!

About server


Map created for server (The Island Z) with modded loot, vehicle spawns, lots of secret places for base building, safezone and more!

Basic server information:

  • Armored base materials (including LTU glass) has – 15000 HP
  • Toxcity mega locker – 8000 HP, other modded lockers (3200, 4000, 5000 HP)
  • No bleeding
  • No bullet drop
  • No fall damage, no leg break
  • Modded items spawns (spawns in same locations as vanilla items, also modded vehicle spawns)
  • Custom map (constant updates – no vipe, rollback after map update)
  • You get balance for: zombie kill (40), mega zombie kill (500), player kill (50), for play time (every 20min +400)
  • 3 types of airdrops: modded items, custom items (vanilla) and modded vehicle airdrop
  • NO ABUSE, most of server claim that there is no abuse, but from my own experience most of them are lying, abusing admins, mods with /god /vanish etc… I am one and only person running this server, there are no mods, admins etc, i dont play on my own server. If i see someone saying word abuse on my server – ban, as it would be pure flame. If you think im lying – gtfo 😉


  • Kits ( 2 free start kits -start1, start2). There are also various kits  for balance, you can see those kits on a website (Kits), or just by typing in game /kits
  • Warp teleports: type /warps to see all locations you can teleport to. Type /warp “location name” to teleport to a certain warp
  • Vault– virtual locker. Type /vault to store items in vault.
  • Vote type /vote day or maxskills to start vote. Type /cv to vote. Minimum % for vote to be successful is 51%
  • Shop. Type /buy_itemID to buy item from shop. Type /buy_v.vehicleID to buy a vehicle. Type /sell itemid – to sell it to shop (use “” to type full name, for example /sell “military drum”.  You can pay other players by typing /pay playername amoumt. Modded items ids are on website.
  • Ranks – kill players and level up your ranks, with every new rank you get new permanent kit (kits: fresh, firstblood, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond). Levels by kills – (5/20/100/250/500/1000/2000). Rank table, for example 10/74 means , that you are on 10 place of 74 players (by kills). To disable/enable ranking table, type /display
  • Home – type /home to teleport to your bed.
  • Gunbox – type /gun to get 1 out of 100 random guns. (cost 750 balance)
  • Maxskills – type /maxskills to max all your skills
  • Ammo – type /ammo to buy a magazine for a weapon you are holding, price depends on weapon damage  (cant get mags for raiding gear, high end sniper rifles)
  • Vote rewards – type /vote . After that a new window will pop up, open it, login with your steam profile, click vote, go back to game and type /reward. You will get 1 out of 8 different gun+armor bundles.
  • Player statistics – type /top to see live statistics of server players  (kills, deaths, kill/death ratio, headshots, accuracy)
  • Feasts – random modded and vanilla drops on the map, next feast location is announced on a world chat, 5 minutes before it starts.
  • CI – clear inventory /ci
  • Garage – virtual garage to store your vehicles, like /vault for items, but this one is for transport.  GAdd <VehicleName> – Adds the vehicle the player is looking at to the Garage database. GList – List all the vehicles in player’s garage. GRetrieve <VehicleName> – Retrieves back the Vehicle from player’s garage.GDelete <VehicleName> – Delete \ Wipe the vehicle from your garage. All players can store ONE car into garage. V.I.P can store 2 cars, 1 plane and 1 helicopter.  YOU CANT ADD ANY VEHICLE WITH ANY BARRICADES ON IT!!!. You must lock car before adding to garage. All stats like (hp, fuel, battery) are saved too!

Map – The Island Z

Server status:

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